Hayfield Rocks at Divisionals, 7/28/2012
Great swimming by the Seahawks today at Divisionals - times were dropping like crazy!! There were 58 Personal Best Times and 4 new team records! The top 5 most improved were:
Ashley Pearson (IM), Camryn Ververs (fly),
Max von Kolnitz (breast), Lindsey Smith (fly),
Max Vetter (Breast)
Congraultions to Ben Lambert and Joel DeSatnick for setting new team records!
Ben Lambert boys 15-18 Free (24.53) and Fly (26.34)
Joel DeSatnick boys 15-18 Breast (30.73) and IM (1:02.66)
IM Invitational, 7/23/2012
Almost every swimmer at the IM invitational dropped their time - there were 23 personal bests! What a great way to finish up! The top 5 were:
Allison NewRingeisen (fly), Logan McLaren, Michael Riley,
Emmie Brent, Michael Barber
Nice Way to Finish AMeet Season, 7/21/2012
Saturday's win against Parliament (HF 228 - PAR 192) means the Seahawks earned a 3-2 record this season in Division 9 - well done! It was a chilly, damp day for a meet - but Hayfield volunteers and swimmers brightened the day with good swimming and cheerful volunteering! There were 23 personal best times -- top 5:
Lindsey Smith (fly), Mitchell Loggins (free), Max Markon (breast),
Max Vetter (breast), Jessica McDonald (back)
Another Fun Time at Virginia Hills, 7/16/2012
Virginia Hills hosted our last B meet of the season ... and in spite of sticky, humid weather, Seahawks posted 59 personal best times! Fantastic job! Top five were:
TJ Polovchik (back), Liz Mohney (free), Christina Starling (free),
Gigi Spencer (fly), Emily Donovan (free)
Close Meet with South Run, 7/14/2012!
Congrats to both sets of Seahawks today for a well-swum meet (HF 216 - SOR 204) There were some really close races throughout the day! When it was all said and done, there were 30 personal best times accomplished! Top five most improved were:
Andy Fournie (fly), Eli Polovchik (fly), Max Vetter (breast)
Cristina Zarhloul (fly), Michael Barber (back)
Rockin' Relay Carnival, 7/11/2012!
Good job by all the Hayfield swimmers at the Division 9 Relay Carnival! Three team records were broken!
Boys 9-10 Medley Addison NewRingeisen, Michael Riley, Corbin Farrell, Logan McLaren, new time 1:18.14 old record 1:18.32 (1992)
Boys 11-12 Medley Alex DeSatnick, Max Markon, Dante Viana, Clint Pearson new time 1:06.72 old record 1:07.40 (1994)
Boys 15-18 Medley Michael Barber, Joel DeSatnick, Ben Lambert, Michael Murray new time 1:59.73 old record 2.00.06 (2006)
PLUS since 8&under medley was a new event this year (in the past, swimmers did freestyle instead of butterfly), we have 2 brand-new records
Boys 8&under Medley Eli Polovchik, Michael Graf, PeytonSpelker and Andy Fournie 1:48.97
Girls 8&under Medley Liz Mohney, Alyson Vermont, Allison NewRingeisen, Meghan Lewis 2:03.99
Great Meet with Stratford, 7/9/2012
From Minihawks to IMs we had an 'eventful' meet! (Get it? Full of events?!) To top it off, there were 83 personal best times accomplished .. that's amazing! The top five most improved were:
Alexa Evans (free), Eric Burnell (free), Liz Mohney (breast),
Jessica McDonald (fly), and Alexa Bailey (back)
Hot Times at Hayfield, 7/7/2012
Outstanding job today by all the swimmers and amazing volunteers for our meet with Holmes Run. Even though Hayfield didn't win the meet, there were lots of great races, improved times, and lively team spirit! Special congratulations to BEN LAMBERT for a new team record in boys 15-18 Butterfly: 27.27 (Ben broke his own record set on June 23 this year!) In spite of grueling heat, there were 36 personal best times accomplished! The top 5 most improved were:
Mitchell Loggins (free), Andy Fournie (fly); Meghan Lewis (free),
Natalie Flynt (back) and Vaughn Henry Ververs (back)
Tri-IM Meet a Fourth of July Success!
It was great to welcome our friends from Highland Park and Virginia Hills for the first-ever Telegraph Road Tri-IM meet. See meet results (including 19 personal bests!) And, many thanks to Uncle Sam for officiating at our meet! It's not the 4th of July without Uncle Tim, I mean, Sam!
Full Moon at Mansion House, 7/2/2012!
After a wild weekend of storms, pool closures, and power outages, we enjoyed getting back to normal with a Monday-evening B Meet! We even got to swim all the way from Freestyle to the IMs ... and there were 71 personal best times accomplished! The top 5 most improved were:
Peyton Spelker (breast), Mitchell Loggins (free),
Elizabeth Ferguson (free), Eli Polovchik (free),
and Michael Graf (breast)
Hats off to Fair Oaks, 6/30/2012
The Fair Oaks community pulled together beautifully to clean up their pool after the big Friday-night storm. The meet started on time, and we finished up before the 100-plus degree weather settled in for the day. Congrats to the Fair Oaks swimmers for a good meet, in the 239-181 victory. Hayfield swimmers accomplished an impressive 61 personal best times at the meet! The top 5 most improved were:
Peyton Spelker (fly), Maxwell Blandford (free), Eli Polovchik (breast),
Radames Pena (fly) and Vaughn Henry Ververs (back)
First IMs of the Season, 6/25/2012!
A beautiful Monday evening at Hayfield hosting Waynewood for a B Meet! Shaking things up a bit, we got through Free, Back, IMs, and Breaststroke before having to call the meet due to darkness. Even with a shorter list of events, there were 44 personal best times! Top 5 most improved were:
Aly Vermont (back), Abbie Hughlett (back),
Vaughn Henry Ververs (back), Liz Mohney (breast),
Scott Harris (free)
Impressive 75 Personal Best Times Accomplished in Win at Fox Hunt
Congratulations, Seahawks (HF 236 - FO 182)! And many thanks to all the parent volunteers, and our hosts at Fox Hunt, for making the meet possible. Special congrats to Ben Lambert for setting two new team records: boys 15-18 freestyle (25.47) and butterfly (27.65). The top five most improved times were from
Liz Mohney (back), Aly Vermont (free), Max Vetter (free),
Tim Strausser (back), Eli Polovchik (breast)
Chilly night .... but great swims at Highland Park!
Swimmers (and parent volunteers!) braved the chilly, damp weather and had a fun time .... and some good swim times too! There were 44 personal best times (compared to Time Trials). Well done, swimmers!
Time Trials - Off to a Great Start!
What a beautiful day for a meet! 94 swimmers took to the lanes Saturday to swim their first meet of the 2012 season!
The results table for meets is in the right-hand side of this page.
The results are organized by swimmer name. To read the table:
Name (age) (gender)
timeS F #Event Event Description
(The "S" after the time designate a 'short-course' or 25meter pool. The "F" before the Event number is mostly irrelevant for our meets; it means it was a "Final" event and not a prelim race. The NVSL meets are all "Finals" so you can ignore that designation.)
The age should be the swimmer's age as of 6/1/2012.
If there is a "DQ" next to the time, that means the swimmer disqualified on some aspect of the stroke --- please see "What is a DQ?" on our FAQs page.
If you have any questions about the information on the results files, please ask the team reps or data coordinator .... questions and corrections help us make sure information is accurate and up-to-date!
2010 results
7/31/2010 ~ Times Drop at Divisionals! Out of 98 events today for HF swimmers, there were 53 personal best times! The top 5 most improved times were:
Chris Vermont (back); Chris Freese (breast); Dante Viana (fly)
Seth Larson (IM); and Max von Kolnitz (fly)
In addition, there were FIVE NEW TEAM RECORDS SET!
Congratulations to:
Addison NewRingeisen, boys 8&u 25m Free 17.15
Addison NewRingeisen, boys 8&u 25m Fly 18.53
Alex DeSatnick, boys 10&u 100m IM 1:26.56
Brian Heilbronner, boys 15-18 50m Free 25.54
Brian Heilbronner, boys 15-18 50m Back 29.39
AND ....
these Hayfield swimmers were invited to the NVSL Individual All-star Meet:
(name, event, and seed #)
Alex DeSatnick Fly (11); IM (9)
Joel DeSatnick, Breast (12)
Brian Heilbronner Free (17), Back (13)
Ben Lambert Free (7), Fly (6)
Addison NewRingeisen Free (7), Fly (3)
7/26/2010 ~ Seahawks rock at IM invitational! There were 25 personal best times out of 35 swims; that's just terrific! Top 5 most improved were:
Erin Freese (fly); Hayden Page (fly); Ben Lambert (IM); Josh Lambert (IM);
Matthew Wattendorf (IM)
7/24/2010 ~ The Seahawks Were Hot!! Well, we were all hot with temps above 100' in the shade ... ! It makes it all the more amazing that there were 2 new team records set and 44 Personal Best Times! Congrats to Joel DeSatnick on new 13-14 breaststroke record (on his last day as a 14-year-old!) and the 13-14 Boys Medley Relaly (Ben, Michael B, Michael M. and Joel) for breaking their own record again.
Also - congrats to top 5 most improved times:
Rachael Wilson (breast); MIchael Riley (breast); Seth Larson (fly); Max Markon (breast), Hanna RItter (breast)
7/19/2010 ~ Undaunted by a 45-minute rain delay (with some torrential rain!), we managed to get almost all of a B meet concluded last night at Va Hills. Many thanks to all the parents on deck last night ... some of you didn't even have a child swimming & you were still helping out. Special thanks to table workers Martha Barber (and husband Joe) and Lisa Heilbronner (and husband Jerry for pitching in too!) for working in the dark to make sure times were recorded and ribbons printed. And GOOD JOB SWIMMERS - there were 49 personal best times, led by the top 5 most improved:
Lindsey Smith (free); Jared Stevens (free); Ally NewRingeisen (free)
Mike Bishop (back) and Kara Lewis (free)
7/17/2010 ~ Hayfield wins a squeaker by 2 points! HF 202 - HRA 200. What a team effort; every point matters when it's this close; the margin of victory was a single 3rd-place finish! (NOTE - because the meet was in a Yards pool - not Meters - we don't have any times to compare; so, unfortunately Personal Best times can not be calculated this week.)

SUPER CONGRATULATIONS to Joel DeSatnick for setting an NVSL Record in Boys 13-14 50 yard Breaststroke with a time of 28.91! This time broke the 31-year-old record time of 29.10 set by Jon Ballard of Tuckahoe in 1979.

7/14/2010 ~ Four Team Records are Broken! Congratulations to the 8&under boys; 13-14 boys; and Mixed Age boys freestyle relay for setting new team records!
8&under Boys Medley Relay 100m
2007: A. DeSatnick, CJ Wilson, R.McLaren, S.Larson 1:33.48
2010: Addison NewRingeisen, Chris Freese,
Hayden Page, Corbin Farrell 1:32.87

13-14 Boys Medley Relay 200m
1992: M. Mulroe, C. Dietzel, M. Wergley, C. Kolson 2:10.54
2010: Ben Lambert, Joel DeSatnick,
Michael Barber, Michael Murray 2:05.45

13-14 Boys Free Relay 200m
1992: M. Mulroe, C. Dietzel, M. Wergley, C,Kolson 1:57.31
2010: Ben Lambert, Michael Murray,
Michael Barber, Joel DeSatnick 1:54.23

Boys Mixed Age Freestyle Relay 200m
2009: B. Lambert, A. DeSatnick, J. DeSatnick, J. Harris 1:59.54
2010: Zach Koons, Alex DeSatnick,
Joel DeSatnick, Brian Heilbronner 1:59.49
7/12/2010 ~ 48 Personal Best Times after Rain Delay Seahawks didn't let a few rain drops and thunder slow them down Monday night! There was lots of enthusiasm and some great swims. The top 5 Most Improved times were:
Marissa Stevens (back); Max Markon (back); Michael Graf (free);
Justin Moseley (breast); and Annaliese Grunder (free)
7/10/2010 ~ 24 Personal Best Times Swimmin' in the Rain!
WANTED: Cardiologist to be on call at Hayfield swim meets. (ha!) Another Saturday morning of extremely close races. Congrats to Commonwealth for 203-199 win. Congratulations to all the Hayfield swimmers for great swimming and impressive effort. See Meets/Results for all results, including Most Improved. The top 5 most improved times were accomplished by:
Nicole Barker (back); Justin Moseley (back); Jack Blevins (free); Annabella Hoagland (free) and Catie Smith (free)
Hats off to Joel DeSatnick for setting a new team record for 13-14 50m breaststroke with a time of 32.63!
And, special thanks to all you parents who volunteered in the pouring rain. As always, you're 'above & beyond!' (See pictures.)
7/5/2010 Wow - 69 Personal Best Times at Mansion House!
Congrats to all the swimmers and our
top 5 most improved:
Liz Mohney (back); Logan McLaren (IM); Carlie Sansing (free); Radames Pena (IM); and Allison NewRingeisen (back)
7/3/2010 Congrats on 42 Personal Best Times!
The top five most improved times:
Lauren Wattendorf (breast); Casey Charbonneau (breast); Heather Heilbronner (breast); Andy Charbonneau (breast); Victoria Ververs (fly)
(See complete list at right. Revised 7/5/2010 11am)
6/29/2010 Times Dropping as Swimmers Improve!
Since Time Trials on Saturday, June 19, swimmers have posted 180 personal best times!
Some of the biggest improvements have been:
At Highland Park, 6/21/2010:
Marissa Stevens (free); Jonathan Vermont (free); CJ Wilson (fly);
Allison NewRingeisen (back); Chris Vermont (back)
At Hayfield with Parliament, 6/26/2010:
Annabella Hoagland (breast); Rachael Wilson (back); Trey Larson (fly);
Erin NewRingeisen (fly); Catie Smith (fly)
At Hayfield with Waynewood, 6/28/2010:
Carlie Sansing (back); Mike Bishop (back); Lindsey Smith (free);
and Craige Smith (back and free)
Congratulations to all our swimmers ....
Remember ~ Seahawks Have a Good Time!
 After-school practice 2010 (swim):  Ages 13 & over: 3:30-4:30 Ages 8&under: 4:30-5:15 Ages 9-12: 5:15-6:00
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Summer Practice Schedule - Starts June 25, 2010
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Ages 9-12 ~ 10:15a - 11:15a
Ages 8 & under ~ 11:15a - 12:15p
Evening Swim/Dive Practice:
To accommodate families who can't make it to morning practices due to work and/or family obligations, we're offering some evening practices when possible throughout the season.  They're scheduled for Wednesday & Thursday evenings  6-7pm
Evening practice:  6/30, 7/1, 7/7, 7/8, 
7/15, 7/22
(also see Calendar)
* Please note new pool policy: parents & children must clear deck while guards prepare pool for opening from 11a-12noon.  Also, children must be supervised by an adult when not attending their practice.  Thanks for your cooperation!